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  1. UEFA Champions League Fantasy Football is BACK!

    ok my team Casillas Cannavaro Nesta Lucio Campbell Alonso Emerson Maniche Sneijder Ronaldinho Fabiano
  2. [IT] Serie A 2004/05

    funny guy
  3. How Far Can We Go In Europe

    IMO if we can get organised and our defense is solid i think there is no reason why we cant be winners, not saying we will but i think we can.
  4. 2004-5 Yahoo Serie A Fantasy Football

    i changed it around Buffon Canna Maldini Ujfafulsi Bovo Nedved Davids Cassetti De Rossi (hope he starts) Gila and sheva i think its better then my previous one
  5. 2004-5 Yahoo Serie A Fantasy Football

    haha thx again :)
  6. 2004-5 Yahoo Serie A Fantasy Football

    thx for advice :thumb:
  7. 2004-5 Yahoo Serie A Fantasy Football

    hey can someone tell me how i join the group, anyway this is my team Buffon Burdisso Ferrari Ujafulsi Nedved Blasi Pinzi Emerson Adriano Shevchenko i think its kinda poor but o well
  8. finally it's all over... till january maybe?

    i dont understand : "Marek Jankulovski of Udinese? If we had signed him too then we would have simply been too strong…" i guess he didnt want us to be too strong ?? lol
  9. finally it's all over... till january maybe?

    im happy with the transfer campaign overall, we got one of the best managers in the world, emo who is great and a player we really needed since davids left, canna, old but still one of the best defenders in the world and emo and canna help our defence tremoundsly , and we signed zlatan who has...
  10. 'Official' ??? Zlatan to Juve.

    it wont come up on untill he actually signs so ofcourse it wont be there
  11. Now Cesar linked

    i think we will get him or janku
  12. 'Official' ??? Zlatan to Juve.

    no way wed pay 30 m
  13. 'Official' ??? Zlatan to Juve.

    omg great news :D
  14. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is for Juve.

    i heard it would cost around 15 million euro, and roma have lost out on fabiano to porto