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    Football Manager 2011

    He joined Marseille, earning half the salary I offered him. I guess you just have to bribe the agent (agent wanted 4.5 M euros signing fee, I offered 450k, he didn't like that)
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    Football Manager 2011

    This is a debate that's going on at every release, but what about transfers done during the 2010 summer window? This time, the transfers are all done despite the fact that the game starts in July 2010 (like always), but the transfer budgets have been adapted too (no money left in the bag)...
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    Sonia Del Piero In Porn Scandal - Pics Leaked!

    I barely posted here during the last 12 months, yet my name's on your list :touched: Congrats Byrone!!
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    Football Manager 2011

    Ah damn. Yeah I thought you meant sending the greedy agent to get some beers while I close the deal with the player :lol:
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    Football Manager 2011

    Ok, I gave the demo a try. It's been two years since I played FM, so some changes I notice may come from the 2010 one. Live negociations are really good; at least you get a better sense of the process, it's quite nice. This being said, what's up with signing fess and agent fees? In the...
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    Miloš Krasić

    I'll just leave this here:
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    Juventuz LIVE 2010/2011

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    Juventuz LIVE 2010/2011

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    Juventuz LIVE 2010/2011

    Alessandro Del Piero :touched:
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    Juventuz LIVE 2010/2011

    :tup: Krasic
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    Juventuz LIVE 2010/2011

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    Mauro Camoranesi

    You're Molinaro's grandson??
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    The Wish List and General Discussion Thread

    How often did you guys see Lukaku play?
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    Player Wages Thread

    -Chiellini is reportedly close to sign a new deal for 4 million until 2015. - Marchisio is still negotiating, he asks 3 million, but Juve only proposes 2 (I understand he currently makes 1 million).