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  1. Who's for the "new lady"

  2. Gilardino

    juve need such players.i wanna see him at juve.
  3. Delpiero and totti

    italy need both of them at the same time.this season totti was better but alex is the best of ALL!
  4. Transfers (1990-2003)

    great thread mark! nice informations. thanx.
  5. the great 10

    i just wanted ur help guys...
  6. the great 10

    may u give me some more information about them? any way thanx a lot sparty.
  7. Lippi will be back?!

    he never come back.
  8. look at this formation

  9. Lippi will be back?!

    he is the best but it's impossible to see him back at juve.
  10. Players and Families and Girlfriends

  11. Parisi , new left back for Juve !!

    i prefer evra...
  12. Most Hated Coaches Around The World

    i hate ancelotti too.
  13. Most Hated Coaches Around The World

    yeah!lippi and fegie are close friends.i remember that fergie said:he supports juve against milan..also he let juve use the 1st pitch of old traford. but i agree with u about iroreta and zac...also i hate wenger.