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  1. Juventus - Real, CL

    So great!!! Love the goal
  2. Juve-historical/heartwarm pics

    I like this picture very much
  3. Juve-historical/heartwarm pics

    Yes, that's right. Great match. :juvefan2:
  4. Del Piero and Sonia?

    She is a nice girl
  5. Juventus Icon For Windows

    Thank U That's great
  6. Deli alpi tomb

    WOW……………………………… It's So Cool
  7. SERIE A: Perugia - Juventus

    Parma scored again, it's so …… Who get it!
  8. SERIE A: Perugia - Juventus

    What about JUVE's match?
  9. SERIE A: Juventus - Lecce

    Is it Over?! we lost?!
  10. SERIE A: Juventus - Lecce

  11. SERIE A: Juventus - Lecce

    I really can't believe it! So bad!
  12. Ferrara the actor/singer

    Yes, I think he is the main singer in JUVE! HA~~~
  13. some news about the NIKE jersey!

    cool, I like it !
  14. del piero, legends!!

    Thank you very much, I have more confidence to make more pictur, thank you again.
  15. del piero, legends!!

    This one is made by myself, maybe it's similar as whisper's, but I still hope you'll like it!