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  1. 'Murica!

    We still don’t have hot water. The plumbing company that installed the heaters says that they don’t know when they will get the back-ordered replacement heaters.Texas goofed up massively.
  2. Coronavirus (COVID-19 Outbreak)

    You make some good points but I wouldn’t really call the pandemic over at this point in time. As long as we have unvaccinated people moving from one region to another (including from underdeveloped countries), the threat of another outbreak persists. The mutant ninja strains are a big concern...
  3. Massimiliano Allegri

    Very smart lady you got there. Respect!
  4. Andrea Pirlo

    Didn’t Ronaldo turn against Allegri towards the end of the season? The defeat to Ajax turned most people against Allegri. 1614608896 Dybs had multiple run ins with him as well
  5. Andrea Pirlo

    DD would probably be the only affordable foreign option as a coach. 1614556256 Or Paolo Sousa
  6. Andrea Pirlo

    Maybe Mourinho
  7. Mattia De Sciglio

    Guess we can look forward to more fun when all our loaned out hombres come back home.
  8. Andrea Pirlo

    Guess he's out of our range then unless he takes a pay cut.
  9. Andrea Pirlo

    How much does ZZ earn?
  10. Federico Bernardeschi

    Do we have psychologists and psychiatrists on staff or perhaps contracted with? I feel that our midfielders might benefit.
  11. Andrea Pirlo

    Sometimes I wish we had a Felix Magath here to horsewhip the players.
  12. Federico Bernardeschi

    We shouldn’t really be surprised if he gets a contract extension.
  13. Andrea Pirlo

    Before the Porto game please.
  14. Andrea Pirlo

    Which foreign coach will join us in the middle of the season? ZZ can't at this time unless RM fire him mid-season. Perhaps, Deschamps would accept a part-time role with us till the Euros end. Many a manager have coached club and country at the same time.
  15. Summer mercato 2021-22 I'm surprised that they're letting him off so cheap.