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  1. Serie A 2017/18

    I do remember that Viola helped us to win over Milan team which is some points over than us in Conte's first Scudetto. Viola's winning goal was scored by Amauri and Viola fan is not cheering to lose their team to Milan even Juve is likely to win title if they win. it may happen again this time.
  2. Champions League 2017/2018

    Liverpool - Roma Bayern - Real Сity - Barcelona Juventus - United
  3. Serie A 2017/18

    there are Milan, Lazio and Atalanta in 3 competitions.
  4. Kingsley Coman

    From this money, Juventus will pay Cuadrado and Benatia's fee that is almost equal to 37 mln euro, I think.
  5. Player Wages Thread

    I think Asamoah's contract will be expired in 2017, just same as De Ceglie. Lichtsteiner' contract have +1 option.
  6. Euro 2016 General Discussion Thread

    Barzagli will retire after the Euro, so he showed his emotions. Before the tournament, he extended Juve contract with 2 more years and agreed with Juve to retire from Azzuri.
  7. [CL] Bayern vs JUVENTUS [16th March, 2016]

    Please start following line up Buffon, Licht - Barzagli - Bonucci - Evra Cuadrado - Khedira - Sturaro - Alex Sandro Pogba Dybala - - - Updated - - - Please start following line up Buffon, Licht - Barzagli - Bonucci - Evra Cuadrado - Khedira - Sturaro - Alex Sandro Pogba Dybala
  8. Massimiliano Allegri

    Max did same thing when he was charging Milan... He was attacked by fans and the owner, but rejected Roma approach and extended his contract with Milan. Then he was fired.
  9. Julian Draxler - AM LC - Schalke 04

    There are rumours about Lamela go Porto for 9.5 mln euro. Why we are not consider this option.
  10. [ITA] Serie A 2014/2015

    Garcia is trying to copy Mourinho's method who often uses this type of case to create siege mentality in his team to motivate them. Garcia is poor copy of Mourinho kkk. he also showed something during the match and was sent off I remembered.
  11. [CL] Champions League 2014/15

    We will get into following group with Benfica, Galatasaray, Malmo, and revenge against them will be sweet
  12. Paul Pogba

    Perhaps PSG go out race to signing Pogba, after UEFA sanctions. PSG face quadruple sanction on their FFS limit breaches and unable to sign new expensive player. Just after news about PSG sanctions, Pogba said he will love to stay at Juve.
  13. Massimo Carrera

    From Wikipedia... funny Miscellaneous[edit] Carrera unwittingly played a huge role in helping Milan go unbeaten in the 1991–92 Serie A season. During injury time of Juventus' home match against Milan on 15 September 1991, an innocent-looking cross from the right touchline hit Carrera's head...
  14. Carlos Tevez

    Tevez will score hat-trick in EL final, and shut mouths of these guys
  15. [Europa League] fiorentina 0-1 JUVENTUS (March 20th 2014)

    Tevez will destroy Fiorentina with Ogbonna, Caceres, Isla and other subs.