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  1. [Peace Cup] JUVENTUS 2-1 Real Madrid, July 31st 2009

    Well, he has a point. As loathsome as Ronaldo is, ugly tackles are not to be praised. Though I will admit that I thought he was diving for a long while, since he does it so often, the moron.
  2. Pavel Nedved

    Well, that was emotional... What an honour to have had him play for Juve. A class player on and off the pitch. Too bad his last shot at CL victory had to go the way it did, but hope he won't have too many regrets. Would love to see him work with Juve in the future, but regardless, he deserves...
  3. [Champions League] JUVENTUS 2-2 Chelsea (03/10/2009)

    How unfortunate... At the very least we bowed out as the better team. We played really well tonight. Poor Neddy, though, what a sad end to his CL career.
  4. [Champions League] Chelsea 1-0 JUVENTUS (02/25/09)

    Someone - don't remember who, sorry - mentioned in the live thread that there must be something in the water in Juve's dressing room to make them pass to imaginary players. I almost wish that were true; at least it's better than facing the fact that we really cannot pass. Our players seemed...
  5. Gianluigi Buffon

    If he were to actually take up such an offer, though, we'd slam him instead of calling his choice reasonable. I still think the spirit of football is dying gradually with so much money involved.
  6. Il Capitano Alessandro Del Piero

    That's so sweet :touched:
  7. Pavel Nedved

    Except that was heartbreaking to watch; this time it was hear-melting. I know I'm getting ahead of myself, but it would be amazing for us to get to the final and let Neddy have the chance he missed.
  8. [Champions League] Real Madrid vs JUVENTUS (11/05/08)

    Some of the moronic ones think that we bribed our way to victory. Or that Del Piero was let through easily by Cannavaro. ("another old Italian" - their words, not mine.) Or the hybrid of the two ludicrous theories :rolleyes: Meh, they're just bitter that we let our Juve mentality -...
  9. Il Capitano Alessandro Del Piero

    Ah, our hero. What a legend!
  10. [SERIE A] Juventus - Palermo (5th October, 2008)

    Key phrase: "The most hated", not "the least competent". We played violent, ugly football under Capello. Yeah, he's way more competent than CR, but I loathe the guy. Just stating my opinion.
  11. [SERIE A] Juventus - Palermo (5th October, 2008)

    That honour goes to Capello. Yeah, we won, but we won ugly. I still shudder each time I recall Juve under him.
  12. [SERIE A] Juventus - Palermo (5th October, 2008)

    I thought the older players were gonna rebel à la France in WC '06? Just a fabrication, then? This is what I've become, wishing the tabloid rumours were true :depressed
  13. [SERIE A] Juventus - Palermo (5th October, 2008)

    Er, that's not Murphy's law. Murphy's law is "if there's anything that can go wrong, it will." By the looks of it, yeah, the law stands true.
  14. [SERIE A] Juventus - Palermo (5th October, 2008)

    Ranieri looks awfully calm for someone who's about to get fired. Oh no, he's not. Thanks to Sissoko. There's something so off about the team, it's ridiculous.
  15. [SERIE A] Juventus - Palermo (5th October, 2008)

    I don't hate Molinaro; I'm just not too keen on the way he's been playing. We all want the team to play well, there's no point hating on players. I'm glad Moli has fans, maybe that'll give him the motivation to improve. (Unless he gets smug and thinks that he's awesome as is, and needs no...