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  1. Juve vs Olympiakos

    Juve Hammer Four Past Olympiakos 08/14/2002. Juventus played their first 90 minute pre-season game of the campaign last night and ran out 4-0 winners over Olympiakos. Alessandro Del Piero gave the Bianconeri the lead after five minutes, but Marcello Lippi's men had to wait until the 70th...
  2. Best player

    ofcourse ====> ALESSANDRO DEL PIERO
  3. Most respected former Juventino?

    it has to be Luca (Vialli) :cool:
  4. Why we're glad we aren't American.....

    No politics, check the rules. Martin
  5. Trouble in the wallet

    i think the first suggestion is the best. salaries are escalating and that needs to be stopped. football players earn the most nowadays, and as a result their respective clubs suffer.
  6. Design)) For Trezeget--->--->

    well, as i said it has nothing to do with goalscoring machine "Makeenat Al Ahdaf". it simply means first-touch machician :D i think the hand-writting is just confusing you, its the same with English, letters seem slightly different with many styles of writing ;)
  7. Inter capture Cannavaro - official

    over my dead body !!
  8. Design)) For Trezeget--->--->

    its more like magician of the first-touch, the arabic translation that is.