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  1. Juventus Jerseys

    Hehe But seriously, it's pretty hard to find a long sleeve Juve jersey. They might have it at
  2. Juventus Jerseys

    I don't think this website has an official jersey :D
  3. Thorsten Frings and Diego "linked" with Juve

    I thought Sneijder said sometime he'll only leave Ajax for a big club in the Premiership or Primera Division.
  4. [ITA] Serie a 2006-07

    Haha, instead of winning the scudetto their first loss ... when Doni got that yellow for taking his time, wasnt that his 2nd after the penalty?
  5. Delle Alpi to be restructured

    It makes sense to our new directors :cry: I'm so upset right now... We're f*cking doomed man... doomed... :pumpkin:
  6. Delle Alpi to be restructured

    How many people did complain? 2000? The population of Torino is over 900.000....
  7. Klaas Jan Huntelaar

    Klaas Jan's official website ( I think this Morabito guy was the one who said he was likely to leave Ajax this summer.
  8. [Serie B] - Juventus - Treviso 13/3/07

    You're in Malta... Other people are at work... We all have our reasons we're not there atm :P
  9. [Serie B] - Juventus - Treviso 13/3/07

    Also on weekdays?
  10. [Serie B] Juventus vs Piacenza [03-04-2007]

    Check out the LIVE match thing on When Ale scored his 2nd it said it was his 14th in the league... With the 3rd it makes it 15. :D
  11. [Serie B] Juventus vs Piacenza [03-04-2007] also counts it a Ale goal. So does Hurra Juventus etc...
  12. [Serie B] Juventus vs Piacenza [03-04-2007]

    211, following to guys. They say this is his 14th, so they also counted that ''own goal''. Hurra Juventus magazine also credits that goal to Del Piero. So 211! :D
  13. Il Capitano Alessandro Del Piero

    That statistic in Tutto Sport is a bit weird... For example, Nordahl has 221 goals for Milan, and Giuseppe Maezza has 246 for Inter. EDIT - I see someone already pointed it out, hehe.
  14. Juve-Ascoli

    Not working here. The site with the 1-0 says it reached its download limit and the other says ''Sorry, the file you requested is not available'' for both files. Any other links?
  15. Mutu or Di Vaio ??

    Di Vaio! I love the guy! :cool: