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    Juventus kits 2012/2013

    I hope this is it maybe they can lose the yellow line
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    2011-2012 ALL JUVE GOALS & HIGHLIGHTS & Full Matches

    how can i get the goal from this fffffff site i did it once but i forgot
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    Il Capitano Album (To remember all the great moments)

    :juve1: :delpiero:
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    Juventus Jacket

    Thanksssssssss man i appreciated
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    Juventus Jacket

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    Juventus Jacket

    can anyone tell me where can i find this jacket look @ 1:28 and sorry if this the wrong place to post this video
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    Juve wallpapers

    i made it just now :D
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    Show us your desktops!

    Here u go endro
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    Show us your desktops!

    My Desktop @ work
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    Juventus VS Bologna

    Pirlo Vs Bologna
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    Juve wallpapers

    Juventus Logo
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    Il disastro di Torino

    the only game we played well vs roma so how come Ferrara is not the one to blame and don't get me strated about melo
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    Juventus Vs Milan

    what a night forza juveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee De cegle skill plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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    Juve wallpapers