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    [Serie A] Juventus 0-1 Benevento [March 21th, 2021]

    Absolutely shiit performance..I knew we werent gonna get a goal back seeing the way we attack in the second half.. at home and playing like that was just absolute shiit show
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    Cristiano Ronaldo

    I am not hating but there really were so many opportunities for him to pass to someone in a better position, he has really been overly selfish over the last couple of games, he does not trust Morata at all, nor Kulu or even Chiesa..
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    [CL] Juventus 3-2 Porto [March 9th, 2021]

    well thats fuucked
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    [CL] Porto 2-1 Juventus [February 17th, 2021]

    is there no var in CL, fuuck.. didnt deserve the draw but still that pen should have been given, clear as day... I hate that Arthur has been missing these important matches just as he got going and made our midfield somewhat a bit tolerable.. I hope he gets back soon and straight to his best form..
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    [CL] Porto 2-1 Juventus [February 17th, 2021]

    so even the CL refs hates us too now? I mean, after getting a pen like the one chiello did in which there was no way the nipples was gonna get the ball with woj coming, and then seeing a blatant foul like that being let go.. utter bull..
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    Juventuz LIVE matches 2020/2021

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    Juventuz LIVE matches 2020/2021

    wtf happened?? i go and grab a drink and 1 - 0 ?wtf!!
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    [CL] Porto 2-1 Juventus [February 17th, 2021]

    Lets do this!!! shiit we badly need to fukin win!!
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    [Serie A] Napoli 1-0 Juventus [February 13th, 2021]

    I was like if we dont score early while playing in the first half, we were gonna have a hard time.. and we really did all game even before the goal.. but that early berna chance should have been a goal! f*ck why is he even playing at all..
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    [Serie A] Napoli 1-0 Juventus [February 13th, 2021]

    Bullshiit result! shiitty refereeing but we really lacked any creativity too..we didnt really deserve to lose but we didnt really ask them too much either.. F*ck!
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    [Coppa Italia Semifinali Round 1] Inter 1-2 Juventus [February 2nd, 2021]

    What the hell was that.. shiitty performance but still managed to win, so many lucky shots in the second half by Merda, we could have been down by a couple of goals there while we didnt really attack in the second half. Still a win against merda is always sweet.. !
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    Juventuz LIVE matches 2020/2021 I do have facebook..i tried the link on juventus page, but the link only gives me a score page.. do u have the direct link?
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    Juventuz LIVE matches 2020/2021

    anyone got a link please.. why is it so hard to find good quality sopcast links nowadays.. help please
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    [Coppa Italia] Juventus 4-0 SPAL [January 27th, 2021]

    Good win..!clean sheet and seeing a lot of fresh young players is always a plus..
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    [Serie A] Calciopoli Directors 2-0 Juventus [January 17th, 2021]

    Wasn't surprised we were not gonna score tonight seein how well organized Merda's backline were.. The way we attack is just so basic,boring, with no threat at all..When I saw Merda moving forward with such fluidity which threatens our defense every single time, I knew we were gonna have a bad...