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    Summer Mercato Thread 2020-21

    We still have Romero as well It's not a bad idea but still thinks that 4-3-3 suit us better
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    Champions League 2019/20

    Hansi Flick is doing wonder with this Bayern. Yes, they made a good purchase especially in the back last summer. But Hansi Flick known as Trappattoni Asisstant, Low Assistant, Kovac Assistant beforr really surprise everyone
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    [CL] JUVENTUS vs Lyon [August 7th, 2020]

    Dybala for Berna subs when Dybala is not healthy enough is a very risky move. Even if last night we can qualify, losing Dybala against City means we will have less chance to win against City
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    Paulo Dybala

    Any news on his injury?
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    Andrea Pirlo

    Pep would still be succeed because the ingredient is there. But his experiences with Barca B is very valuable for him. Its a good article ro read :
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    Andrea Pirlo

    Its a very bold move by us. Pirlo can be our Pep or Zidane. Zidane start as Assistant Manager and Coach for RM Castilla And Pep start from Barca B. At first Pirlo would start from Juve 23, but now he directly go as senior coach
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    Cristian Romero

    A strong jump for the goal but got red carded in the 2nd half
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    Maurizio Sarri

    If we keep Sarri for next year and I hope we have a plan to find players that suit him. I dont follow Arsenal much. But i saw them play against Chelsea last night, against Man City in Semi Final and against Liverpool before that. I saw the players is much more discipline and press better than...
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    Maurizio Sarri

    We can always argue that the composition of the squad is poor. But a good manager would been able to get the best out of them. This squad also a scudetto last year without much changes apart from Mandzukic, Cancelo and we get Ramsey, Rabiot, Higuain, De Ligt. The change of manager can always...
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    Federico Bernardeschi

    True, Bena value is more than Smalling.
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    Daniele Rugani

    He always quite reliable as our backup CB since 2015/2016. And he played good when we played against Leverkusen and Lok. Moscow before pandemic. But now he looks terrible and our defensive shape and pressing for all players also look worse. Like Roma's third goal, what on earth Berna did...
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    Maurizio Sarri

    Overpaid players already started since Marotta days, but we aren't getting better. We don't regenerate our players but some of it would be because we has Cristiano. Our goal is to increase our brand power and get Champions League. Sarri is our biggest worry me for me. We regressed after...
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    Summer Mercato Thread 2020-21

    Locatelli will suit us better. Locatelli is better defensively, read the game, cover the defense, cut the passes, tackle, and start the attack. If he's available, we should go for him
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    Non-Juve Transfer news (official or rumors)

    They probably exchange Skriniar with Ndombele. And i dont think we can offer Tottenham any player which they can be interested apart Ramsey, Rugani, etc. I dont mind Ndombele goes to Inter
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    Federico Bernardeschi

    Did he play as LW when we won against Atletico last season? His assist for Cristiano and his run before he's fouled for penalty, both starts from the left