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  1. Ruben Olivera

    of course as in the last games he has been a very nice surprise. camoranesi was never regular enouch, and olivera now has the chance to prove himself
  2. Official Zlatan Ibrahimovic Thread

    maybe he isn't gonna score three goals a match but it is real good news to see he is in such a good moment. We'll just have to wait and see. Remember he was playing against Malta, not France or Spain.
  3. Why Di Vaio left Juve… (Del Piero)

    i'm failing trigonometry this week... i blame di vaio
  4. Why Di Vaio left Juve… (Del Piero)

    didn't you see miccoli play today against norway??? He showed what di vaio never did, and that was the attitude of a winner. I do want to see miccoli play again with juve, when he has more experience. He may be a terrible person for not talking while he was in juve, but goo players aren't always...
  5. Italy-Norway FIFA WC

    jajaja let's hope alex is comfortable
  6. Why Di Vaio left Juve… (Del Piero)

    di vaio showed his cowardice by not talking while he was on juve. he started talking only now he's out. he's not a bad player, but there's a reason why del piero is the son of juve: JUST BECAUSE HE'S BETTER!!!! But I really liked miccoli. i hope he has a good campaign and sometime return to juve
  7. Juventus first team

    I like this team because I saw the game againnst Djurgarden and Zambrotta was for me the best player of the game. Cannavaro will really improve our defense that was getting really old. Olivera is a pleasant surprise, and i hope emerson plays as well as he's used to. I just wish del piero doesn't...
  8. Official Zlatan Ibrahimovic Thread

    Cassano IS a good player but in the Euro he showed that withou Totti he wasn't as good. It's not such a good compliment being the best player of a bad team as the NT was at Euro. He may be one day better than ibrahimovic but that day hasn't come yet
  9. Official Zlatan Ibrahimovic Thread

    Zlatan means magic in the world of soccer. Cassano is on only a Totti-holic, he showed in the euro that without him he is nothing I'm going to be late for school... and i blame cassano
  10. Alessandro Del Piero Vs Fabrizio Miccoli

    i'm going to fail trigonometry next week i blame cassano ( and legrotaigle too even if he's no matter of talk in this forum
  11. Alessandro Del Piero Vs Fabrizio Miccoli

    cassano and miccoli still have no point of comparison with del piero. del piero is not only one of the most skillful players in the world, he also has a leadership and a weight in Italy's attack that no one else has. if even camoranesi is in the national team... why wouldn't del piero be in it...