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  1. asking about america

    I live in the New York Area. For a studio apartment (thats just one room) in Manhattan or one if the nicer areas of NYC, be prepared to spend like $1,500-2,000 a month for rent. If you want a few bedrooms bedrooms, I'd venture to guess somewhere from $2,500-7,000 depending on many...
  2. US Presidential Elections thread - the fate of the world to be decided

    Going very well thank you. Just returned from casting my vote actually. How about yourself?
  3. US Presidential Elections thread - the fate of the world to be decided

    The is the opposite of what most people think, yes. However this argument is nearly totally without merit. To consider that foreign policy was considered to be Bush's weakness four years ago -- and rightfully so seeing as he was governor of Texas and never held a federal office, never dealt with...
  4. Juventus Teams 1995-2005

    Hey if you could pick, sure it'd be great to see spectactular plays and beautiful football, so long as the team is winning. But I would still rather see Juve play the most boring football on earth and go 36-0-0 then play like the mid-70s Dutch squds reborn and go 35-1-0. To me, winning is the...
  5. Juventus Teams 1995-2005

    I say we answer the question after this season is over. It would be an injustice to this squad to not give them a chance to prove that they are as special as they look. Remember this club is now 12-2-0 on the season thusfar, we could be in for a great season.
  6. Advice needed for a difficult decision...

    I must say, i'm not easily amused. Quality stuff there man, a great read
  7. US Presidential Elections thread - the fate of the world to be decided

    It means that compared to other Islamic countires, Iraq was comparativly more Western in their society and way of life. I don't know if I would characterize it exactly like that, but it's a valid point. Iraqi had a very educated population, technologicly advanced, espically before Saddam took...
  8. Your Favourit National Teams Around The World

    1. United States 2. 3. 4. 5. (kinda root for: Italy, whoevers playing Mexico, whoevers playing Costa Rica that isn't Mexico.)
  9. Are we attractive?

    Not to me. Nothing is more exciting then a win. The standings don't award style points.
  10. Check your parking skills

    After what felt like hours of frustration, I managed a high of 328 points.
  11. Football Manager 5 (merge)

    So is the demo in German for everyone else or is it just me? Can anyone tell me how to change the language because, unfortnantlety, I can't read german all that well (like whereabouts the menu option is?)
  12. Are we attractive?

    We win often. What could be more actractive then that?
  13. Football Manager 5 (merge)

    ah 17 kb/s...good to see broadband working to its full capacity. I'll be able to play the demo in a couple of days i guess...
  14. WC2006 Qual, Oct 13

    Yes, apparently he is a starter. According to his profile on their web site, he has played 9 games and started 9 games (although who knows when it was last updated). He has 7 starts in the league and 2 in UEFA Cup, so it seems like he is a starter. He was at Metz a couple of years ago and played...