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  • I'm fine thanks, what about you?

    Yeah we had a hard time and some bad luck. I just hope we won't fall like others did, I mean, I hope we'll be reaching SF consistently instead of having a single shot at the final like Dortmund or probably even Atlético.
    I don't want to ruin the surprise for you :P

    YES! Almost every Mexican hates Argentina with all his heart :D but still, I really wanted for Argentina to beat the Netherlands :P now it's time to relax and enjoy the final for me, and for you to get ready and live one exciting match
    Hey you guys did it! I must admit, I almost bet for France. I also thought they could leave you out and the odds were good, but for some reason I decided not to :D Now Brazil, huh? Neymar out, Silva out. Big oportunity for Germany. I don't want for you to hate me but I'll cheer for every American team on this world cup :P still I don't think Brazil will do it now, so be prepared for a WC FINAL DUUUDE!! :weee:

    And no I can't see the future unfortunately :sigh: but, that's just how Mexico does in the World Cup. For a moment, when Ochoa saved a shot that went to the bar I thought: "WE'RE GOING TO WIN!" and I got excited to think that then we would face Costa Rica/Greece and had a big chance to make it all the way to the semifinals, but then all went down the toilet :sigh:
    They didn't! For real, Müller is one weird player :D if he was at my team I wouldn't know what to expect from him, I can't classify him in any 'type' or 'position' one thing is for sure, he scores and dies for his team :D

    Now comes the sad part where we do an amazing match against the Netherlands and still get kicked out :D, I'm not getting my hopes up but if by any chance we knockout Netherlands, then would come Greece or Costa Rica :tuttosport: Imagine MEXICO in a SEMIFINAL!!! :D Some people will go crazy here! But still a long way till ther :)

    Germany will have it easy I believe, Russia or Algery most likely? Then France will come and that will be an amazing match, good luck friend! I'm not really convinced by your NT as I was in 2010 and 2012, but still Germany is one of the biggest and deserve respect and be qualified as favourites always :)
    Thanks mate! Can you believe I didn't saw it? Damn college, fortunately I'm a free man now :D :weee:

    I'm doing good! I'm tired as f but I'm really good, thanks

    Let's hope Germany beats Portugal, with Cristiano back it will be hard, but Germany is by far the better team

    How you doing?
    Thank you :sheik: I'm actually really fine thanks! Even tho college it's killing me slowly :D how are you?
    I try my best :D the only ones I don't watch is when it's on a sunday because I have to work, appart from that I almost always watch 'em.

    I'm actually doing pretty good, I'm almost done with everything :D just gotta take some radiographs :andy2:

    What about you? How you doing? :)
    Hi dude! I haven't been around much due to school and so, but it's just one month left, I gotta do things right! Apart from that I'm fine thanks, how are you?
    Yeah Turin is a must for me :P and of course I'll Munich :D I actually am not going to care a lot about visiting historical places, just wanna have a great time in Europe, of course I'll visit some museums and so, but mostly I wanna get wild to be polite :P
    I'm actually not THAT sure :P but yeah he went last year and told me that Frankfurt was the best city from the ones that he went. So we probably are going there and some other cities, and aboyut Netherlands and Belgium, no idea :D

    Also I want to go to Italy just because of Juve of course, but he doesn't seems to like the idea too much
    If I just could meet one! :D haha it's not too common to meet one here, at least not in the city I live :P

    A friend of mine and I are planning a travel to Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. I may do it then :D
    Exactly :agree: good things come to those who wait :P

    Ohh ho ho, no :D I mean I had the pleasure to meet a German dude! A guy :D his girlfriend is a friend of mine and I chated with him for a while
    I'm glad :) ahahaha nothing new really :P I think I need a rest about that, they seem to be all the same atm and it's not really interesting for me :D I prefer to wait for a really good one :agree:

    How about you? any hot Mädchen? :P

    PS. I had the pleasure to meet a German :weee:
    :agree: Yes, I see it in that way too. I was almost sure that Dortmund were going to win this 'cause they are a made team, and Bayern still needs time, the league is around the corner tho, still I give you the benefit of the doubt. I believe that Pep is a great coach, and Bayern is even a better team now. So, there's nothing to worry about

    He did well indeed :D didn't shined as much as other times, but he did well :)
    So, what's your opinion about Pep? I'd recomend for you to take it easy, guys on the forum will always hate on the popular teams, coaches, players, etc. so, don't ever lead by that :D

    I really envy the education that is given in Europe, here it's almost imposible to find someone cultured or who talks two or more languages, unless he has been on a private school his entire life :sad:
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