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    Winter Mercato 2023

    I heard Fresneda buyout is only 15mil. So theres not much Valladolid can do. Its up to the player . We are also after him and trying to convince him to join us instead.
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    Winter Mercato 2023

    We got a bunch of CF , Milik, Kean, Kaio and with Iling and Soule . Marcus is clearly an upgrade on those we have as the cover but we need to move them first before we can sign him . I can see Kaio and one of Iling/Soule moving out on loan.
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    Adrien Rabiot

    Rabiot is Allegri's signing before he got sack in the same summer. Rabiot contract is 4 years. Its no coincident last season he was most improved player under Allegri. This season he is our best midfielder. If its true Allegri is getting this super manager powers then we can probably see Rabiot...
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    Board & Management

    Mattia Grassani, a respected lawyer known for his expertise in sports law, painted a grim picture for Juventus amidst the investigation into hidden salary payments. The Bianconeri are currently under investigation for allegedly agreeing secret deals with their players to pay them three...
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    Federico “Maurice” Cherubini

    Does Cherubini hate Paratici? Because i thought Cherubini is Paratici's pick? Like Marotta bring Paratici with him from Samp.
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    Board & Management

    Its really embarassing time for Juve fans around the world . I really hope the club will not be penalized by Serie A or UEFA but only the individuals if the evidence clearly says so. I guess this will also affect players that are still in the club if they want to move out or stick with us.
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    Andrea "Il Bruco Brutto" Agnelli

    How stupid one can be to cook the books and invite another scandal when we just came out of one. However, if they have no evidence then we dont have to worry .
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    Andrea "Il Bruco Brutto" Agnelli

    Arrivabene is leaving , he is just temporary till the board is formed.
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    Andrea "Il Bruco Brutto" Agnelli

    What about Marotta back ? Any names that is possible to get ?
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    Andrea "Il Bruco Brutto" Agnelli

    Ya agree he should have done that long ago when we had the board so that his replacement can be sorted out , right now without a board till mid Jan , he leaving is not going to help unfortunately.
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    Andrea "Il Bruco Brutto" Agnelli

    Allegri shouldnt have done that, we are just getting some continuity and with the mess we are its not easy to replace the coach as well.
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    Kaio Jorge

    If we redeem both Milik and Kean, means theres no space for Kaio. He should go out on loan or get sold to have a proper chance. Staying will not help him.
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    Massimiliano “Bam Bam” Allegri

    You know Roma under previous management you can say its hell for manager or players. He shouldn't be judge on that Roma experience alone . Having said that no way we going to pay him 10 m after sacking Allegri. I cannot see the management going down the same road again, we probably got for...
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    Federico Gatti

    This guy was signed as i think to be a part deal for Bremer but Torino didnt want him. Now we are stuck with him , he should be the last option in the CB.
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    Luca Pellegrini

    He needs to say clear of injuries and get good run of games. Seems to be a starting material for Frankfurt.