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  • yes.

    ...last week i bought some wine...the chashier asked:

    "...i do not have to worry about your age, do i?"

    i replied that if i would tell her how old i am, she would feel
    stupid...and left. with the wine ;)

    legal age 16 ffs. 16!!! :sergio: :lol:
    i may look young...but - come on.
    2 on both arms.

    biggest one is some alex pardee painting.
    cant find it at the moment, but his style is crazy :lol:


    to be fair, the pain is different to everyone. ;)

    some say snakebites hurt, some say it doesnt.
    some say nosering hurt, some say id doesnt.

    to me it did hurt :D, but only for a few minutes.
    try it. take a thick needle and push against your nose...
    just a little :klin:

    tattoos did not hurt though. :tup:
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