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    guns n roses!!

    im a lover of gunners my favorites (at the moment) Coma, Rocket Queen and Locomotive
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    greatest rock vocalist and guitarist ever

    how can people say Hendrix is overrated do you play guitar?? the guy died aged 29, he was only able to record for 4 years Page is a good studio guitarist- nothing more... watch him play live, half his improvised solo's are fu*#ing pathetic the rest are riduled with clumsiness so...
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    best vocalist, guitarist, bassist, drummer

    john bonham sings??? my fav: -vocals: axl rose , brian johnson, steven tyler, robert plant -lead guitar: i love led Zeppelin but page is nothing against Hendrix Slash hasn't written a decent riff/solo since GNR's last recording Aint It Fun its impossible to listen to more than 2...
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    A True Gentleman in every sense of the word.

    what a legend... in every sense of the word hope his son knows how to play
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    have you seen these guys together?
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    Best solos

    which solo- i can play all of them
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    Is he the one?

    Chelsea can be beaten. Chelsea will be beaten. Players will come players will go. Mourinho will stay Mourinho will go.
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    The return of Edgar Davids.................

    it would be nice but a litle far fetched. Capello has always been am admirer though oh, and i wouldn't have to change my avatar
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    Best solos

    Van Halen- eruption
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    Ways to increase Juve´s revenues ?

    a simple solution would be to cut down on pharmacutical costs
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    The guitar thread

    ESP's are so popular these days... why? the ESP KH2 has been around for ages and metallica have hit the deck
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    Best solos

    1. Sweet child o mine-GNR's (makes me wet) 2. Hey Joe-Hendrix (sweet) 3. Godfather- GNR's (the whole song really but particularly the intro, depending on what version) 4. Nightprawler- ACDC (very cool bluesy solo) 5. In the Evening- Led Zep (ball bracking crunchy solo) of course...
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    Best Guitarist

    how ****ing good is his version of little wing... simply incredible
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    Why we are better than barcelona

    on the games against milan it was clear that barca deserved the 3 points on both occasions. imo milan were extremely fortunate and totally out played. when we versed milan we failed to create a single chance. our defence was stretched and the midfield overrun. if we were to beat barca our...