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  1. Juve-Lazio BT wanted...

    Thank you :thumb:
  2. Juve-Lazio BT wanted...

    i think you need to get a life, anyway stay away from my post, im not interessted in hearing all the :yuck: that comes out of your paphetic mouth.
  3. Juve-Lazio BT wanted...

    Ive come back to get the torrents you little idiot, not to talk to YOU:dontcare: or anyone like you!.
  4. Juve-Lazio BT wanted...

    Please post the full match cinaalpizebra, Bittorrent :)
  5. US Presidential Elections thread - the fate of the world to be decided

    Hah this is the best day in 4 years!, thank you America!, -you ppl are the best!. Bush is the ideal leader as he has proved, a role model for the missinformed socialistic loosers in most of europe and the rest of the world. In your face all Bush/USA haters, you are all loosers!!! finally my...
  6. Terrorism

    You are so stupid!, face it the world is horrible, but not because of USA, they are they ones who take care of others mess!, im sure you just ignore the victims of 9/11, children who lost their parents, is that any better to you?
  7. Terrorism

    World police?, no, but we can thank them for it, look at WWII!!!, save me for that "jantelov" mentality.
  8. Terrorism

    Its the difference in the way they do it, Bush are sorry for civile victims, its a military action, and at least Bush makes it once and for all, to get rid of Saddam, his intentions are a bit better than Saddam, too say at least!
  9. Terrorism

    Saddam had a finger in the 9/11, he probably hided weapons of mass destruction, and he was a big threat, thanks to the action taken, we might have saved him from doing harm. You cant expect USA to clean up all over the world. Its enough with this one.
  10. Terrorism

    yeah right, you are comparing bush to saddam :rolleyes:?
  11. Terrorism

  12. Terrorism

    Thanks to Bush he'll never get the chance again.
  13. Terrorism

    just take whatever you want out of context as it suits you, this discussion is useless anyway.
  14. Terrorism

    yes, cause it was a really lame excuse.
  15. Terrorism

    afghanistan, iraq, etc whats the difference, war is war, if Saddam had done what he was supposed to do for UN, then it would never have getten this far, but what can you expect from a man who kills thousands of his own ppl.