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    Coppa Italia 2018/19

    Asif mon bebe..
    Quote Originally Posted by C.Martin View Post
    For 3 years I have wondered why my friends kept calling Allegri for Augustus. I couldn't sleep at nights thinking about it. I've been sitting at my desk for hours every week trying to figure it out, coming up with calculations and formulas that weren't correct. Then it hit me, the answer was right in front me all time but I didn't notice it. Augustus was the greatest emperor of the Roman Empire, owning almost all of europe. People loved him. People feared him. It's the same with Allegri, although we know him better as Euromaxx. Allegri, greatest coach in the world at the moment, people love him. People fear him. We need to understand that. Allegri 4 life

    And why my female friend keep calling Allegri for Peter North I dont need to figure out.

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    Sign Max Meyer!!!

    Sell H16UAIN!!! ICARDI!!!!

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