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    I still don't understand how the Croatian governemnt can claim that Mamic scamming Dinamo has cost them tax money. Dinamo is a nonprofit organisation that does not pay taxes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Osman View Post
    They should care, its directly taken from their pocket too? I mean 50-50 split for rest of your career with a broker who abused his official position? Thats basically corrupt as $#@! and basically overpowering teen athletes to write slavery contract with you (or their career is over is what he told them probably).

    What he did to Eduardo Da Silva is insane reprehensible:

    Its such an insane corrupt criinal contract that they probably need to look over and start over the whole structure of croatian football to weed out this super shady BS.

    @Seven, it seems like young athletes badly need legal counsel over in Croatia.
    i didnt bother with the details tbh, didnt even know what the issue is, just tried to put myself into Modrics shoes.
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