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Apr 2, 2007
As awesome as that would be, haha never happening.
For more reasons than one.

1. Caceres was rejected by this set of directors. If they bring him back they will actually say "we were wrong", which they won't do.
2. We just bought a RB which means Caceres would be a reserve.
3. Caceres is non-EU. I doubt we'd use one non-eu spot on a reserve player.
4. Sevilla officially bought him less than 2 months ago and if they sell they would only do for a profit, which means they will ask for 10m at least. Juve will not spend 10m on a reserve RB.


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May 20, 2004
here in brazil the papers are talking about melo and that a loan deal could be done with Palmeiras or Sao Paulo. no corinthians, santos or flamengo links anymore.
btw, tomorrow is the last day brazilian teams can bring players from abroad


Jul 11, 2011
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