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Nov 4, 2004
Where are the juve fans living in turin and why stadio delle alpi is always empty its a shame really i dont care if the stadium is not good if juve's playing in my town i would do anything to go shame on those who dont go to support juve while they can,and what about this juve mondo project to rebuild the stadio delle alpi i heard its new capacity will be 44,000 it must be a joke juve deserves more than a 44,000 stadium,i hope to hear from anyone living in turin.

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Apr 22, 2003
Juventinho, I know you're new around here, but it'd be much appreciated if you looked around at the existing threads before opening new ones. We already have a thread about the pitiful attendance at the Delle Alpi, and in an effort to keep the threads organised, I'm gonna have to close this one.
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