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Jul 15, 2017
:) For his sake I hope dad isn't close to Rabiot's mom over-valuing his talent. Unless an injury no way he gets any time at Arsenal.

WHAT HAPPENED? Below a graphic that suggested McKennie could be heading to Arsenal, the fan wrote:

John McKennie replied:

:lol: Maybe I'm wrong and he won't ever be technical smart enough on the pitch. I blame it on daddy. :sergio:
Jul 13, 2010
I wouldnt mind Zakaria as a squad player if/when Rabiot leaves. He would have his uses in that scenario and his wages arent that crazy (which makes him easier to loan btw)

Arthur will just get loaned out until he expires ala Costa. Thats a sunk cost.
Yea I agree, Zakaria did not fuck up too many games plus he's not as expensive to keep maybe.

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