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Aug 1, 2003
i have only agreed with these in the lists :
1) tu sei la squadra del cuore
2) euro2000 campione song. awesome. simply awesome.
3) dandy warholes! congrats IceBlu, you're the first one I know who knows dandy warhols (they're not popular here in Malaysia, sadly)

darude is cool, but I agree its too.. clubbish. Radiohead's 2+2=5 is good too, but I'd think its unsuitable (dont bash me fli)

I would recommend:
1) Junior Senior- move your feet
2) rammstein- sehnsucht (sorry, unavoidable :p)
3) strokes- 12.51, just to get you in trance, but I believe if you do use this song before a match, your team would NOT win.

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