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Apr 22, 2003
No, I'm not way behind the times:

Uefa's disciplinary body will meet next Tuesday to discuss Wales' request to overturn their Euro 2004 play-off defeat against Russia.

The Football Association of Wales has made the request after it was revealed that Russian midfielder Egor Titov failed a drugs test following the goalless first leg in Moscow on November 15 last year. He was banned for a year by Uefa last Friday.

A statement from Uefa revealed on Tuesday morning: "The FAW has asked the European governing body to overturn Russia's 1-0 aggregate victory by awarding Wales a 3-0 first-leg win."

Russia won the second leg in Cardiff 1-0 to book their place at the championships this summer in Portugal.

Titov tested positive for the banned substance bromantan but both the player and his club, Spartak Moscow, have lodged an appeal against the verdict.

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Jul 25, 2001
Highly unlikely. Even if they fine the player in question, they won't change the outcome of the match. Last time they did that was ages ago - it's just not common anymore.

Had someone offered us (Holland) a place at WC2002 like that, I wouldn't even have wanted us to go anyway. How embarassing.

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