The Juventus Season 2003-2004 Reloaded Wallpaper .. Check It Out! (1 Viewer)

Jul 3, 2003
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    bongo10 --> Thank u!..

    fabiana-juve --> I got them from the fotos they took that are shown in that Nike commercial for the new jersey..Theres a link on ""..
    Aug 27, 2003
    you know my old wallpaper was just the group pic...well that was months ago and i think it needs changinf for this season..some chnages go around th comp..loool

    its an amazing wallpper and its on my desktop too, even the guy who did those suggestion the other wallpaper was nice too..
    Keep up the work,..u know u shuld watch movies more..loool..get more ideas..lool

    but i like this idea juventus realoded and ready for the next season to come..loool..sound like a movie just iamgine the backround music u know with the oprea kinda thingi and drums...

    they are back stronger, fatser and more out.loool

    ok ok..i could go on i should stp balabing away..lool


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    May 22, 2003
    the wallpaper is great, JuventiniSweden.

    like the others, i want to set as my wallpaper but unfortunatelly my computer is a family computer n my dad not allow me to change the wallpaper to any Juventus wallpaper :down: sorry


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    Mar 26, 2003
    nice one, actaully im using kalimans version ;) i only have the 2 core icons on my desktop, but i still like simpler wallpapers... i was just wondering if you have made a bigger and higher quality version of the wallpaper. that would be appreciated since i use high resolution. :D

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