The Juventus Season 2003-2004 Reloaded Wallpaper .. Check It Out! (1 Viewer)

Jul 3, 2003
I've had this "Matrix" Thing in idea for kinda while now, and I thought that now will be a good moment becouse the new season when the players hopefully are reloaded (Hope u see the connection there ;)).

I'm Still Kinda New At This Though. So Critisize Me, But Don't Be 2 Hard Though..

Here We Go :

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Jul 14, 2002
I'm sorry JuventiniSweden, but you're going to have to say another thank you because I love it :cheesy: It's brilliant :cool::thumb:


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Dec 13, 2002
Hey Tiyam! That's one cool wallpaper! :thumb: :extatic:

I really really like it. It's different from other wp's :)

I can only find one thing wrong with it. In my expierence you don't want wallpapers that disturbe to much. Unfortunately all the pics on this one, makes it a little annoying. You can't really see the icons on your desktop and so on...

So if you don't mind I made a little suggestion. I threw away some of the pictures, leaving more room for the eye to rest.

All in all a great wallpaper :) Keep it up!
Jul 3, 2003
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    -Fantasista- --> It's OK.. I better get used to it I think.. ;)

    And Kaliman!! How DARE you critisize me beautiful peace of art you monster!!!

    Nah, I'm just kiddin with u min danske vän (=my danish friend)..
    Its Great that u critisize me, that is just going to make me better.

    I see your point, I really do. But I don't know, the pic u posted seems a litle bit hmm, empty to me. Maybe becouse i got used to the one i posted.

    But thank you for bringing it up. I will have it in mind for other wallpapers I'm creating in the future. Thanx Mate :D

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