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Jun 23, 2011
this guy is not even a ''has been''. he is a ''never been''. what a dogshit transfer by the turd chewing clown giuntoli.

milik, weah, alcatraz, tiago, di lorenzo... he is like a frog catching flying dog turds with its tongue %100 accuracy .
We lack leaders in the group that is unusually young for Juventus. The average age may even decrease this summer. Those that seem to have a positive influence on others during games (off the pitch I am clueless) are Locatelli, Danilo and Gatti to some extent (but not through leadership). We lack leaders in the group. I actually think Di Lorenzo is really good, and he would slot in perfectly with Motta's ideas. I think it is a good signing but not at the cost that is being reported given his age.

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Aug 10, 2017
AstonVilla request to Juventus regarding Douglas Luiz is clear: €20m plus two additional players in McKennie and Samuel Iling Jr. While Juventus is okay with the sales of the two players, they do not intend on paying the €20m sum. (@SkySport)


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Apr 17, 2019
Berardi...we would need to get him back to full fitness first. Also, Sassuolo are a bitch team so offer nothing more than 1M transfer and 0.1M salary. Let their daddy Inter take him for an inflated cook the book price.


Jul 27, 2015

Nearly there. I’m sure Weston will also accept another move back to the EPL

Welcome Douglas Luiz
All in all he is a very complete CM that works hard for the team and that has a proper engine in him compared to our other dull midfielders, obviously not the ‘superstar’ €70M attacking midfielder type but surely is someone that is worth an exchange with our expendable assets which are also in their last year of contract such as McKennie and IlingJr, even more so if the cash difference also doesn’t exceed the €15M or so range.


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Jan 26, 2009
Retardi :rofl::howler: :b81:

I don't know what's more pathetic - the fact that we're even linked to this turd nugget, or the fact that some of you Faggots are actually warming up to the idea of welcoming a Pussyfag who will need at least 6-7 months to even play, and probably another year to regain full fitness, by which time he'll be nearing 32 years of age.

Fuck that shitcunt - let him slug it out with his butt buddies and Inter Minions in B, that fucking overrated punk.


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Sep 6, 2014
So Luiz, Rabioit & Koopmeiners could be our starting midfield with Fagioli close behind. Loca will get a lot less playing time I guess.
with Chiesa and Soule both *allegedly* being expendable, I wonder if Motta wants to play with a 4312. Because if he wants to play with wingers, selling both Chiesa and Soule doesn’t make much sense. They’re two different profiles too so I can’t imagine neither of them being a fit in his system.

if he wants to play with a 4312, Koop could play behind Vlahovic and Yildiz and there would be more space for the other mids as well.

but let’s see what happens with Rabiot. That will tell a lot imo.

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