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Alex Del Mexico
May 7, 2004
i think del piero needs to move, or get out. and when zebina/zambro attack they need to get back quicker since milan has a counter attack every time we've gone up the field (only two or three times). zambrotta has been good though


Junior Member
Dec 18, 2004
I think just del piero, may be take zalayeta is the best. we must strong in midfielder. Oh, my god it make me sick juve play very bad


Senior Member
Oct 3, 2002
++ [ originally posted by barkuss ] ++

Who is blind here?
go and see the match how is running all the time helping defence and atack.yes he is giving bad passes etc. he like zambo didn't stop running the whole game.
and stop barking that I am a blind asshole


Senior Member
Oct 1, 2004
whew finally half time. Need to thank Buffon, Zambrotta, Cannavaro and Thuram to hold out against the Milan attackers. But wad is happening in the midfield??? We gave away the ball too much!!!!!

I hope that our midfield can be improved in the 2nd half, and don't loose the ball so much, otherwise Milan will score, it's juz a matter of time.....

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