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Grazie Mirko
Jan 16, 2011
He is a good player, no doubt. But 40 million for a player from Udinese who nearly relegated is insane. He is already 26 years old, so I see not a lot of space for development.
Fo' reals.

If Udinese had finished in the european spots he would've been valued even higher than 40m. I think it's a very honest valuation of the player.


It ain't hard to tell
Aug 22, 2007
I'm glad he rejected Zenit and is staying the league.

On another note, it's also nice that because of the football economy now teams like Sassuolo and Atalanta get to keep their players and build on what they did last season. Not much of the usual talent drain that occurs every year.


Apr 12, 2009
A NT where his competition exists of Spurs flop Lo Celso, Roberto ''Almost'' Pereyra or Marcos Acuna (who?)

It's harder to get in to Czechoslovakia's NT team as a midfielder than Argentina's :snoop:
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