Pre Worldcup France 1997: Brazil vs Italy (1 Viewer)

Il Messiah

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Aug 21, 2004
i want this match clip
full and highlight
both ok
even one clip very ok!!!
help me!!!!!!!!!

this match=del piero was magic

ITALIA: Pagliuca (Inter) 31, Panucci (Real Madrid) 6, Cannavaro (Parma) 7,
Costacurta (Milan) 47, P. Maldini (Milan) 80 (cap.) (88' Di Livio
(Juventus) 16), Lombardo (Juventus) 16, Di Matteo (Chelsea) 25,
Albertini (Milan) 46, D. Baggio (Parma) 40 (46' Fuser (Lazio) 14),
Vieri I (Juventus) 3 (59' Inzaghi I (Atalanta) 1), Del Piero
(Juventus) 13.
Coach: C. Maldini.
Subs bench: Peruzzi (Juventus),
Nesta (Lazio), Torrisi (Bologna), Benarrivo (Parma), Maini
(Vicenza), Zola (Chelsea), Casiraghi (Lazio), Chiesa (Parma).

BRAZIL: Taffarel, Cafu, Aldair, Celio Silva, Roberto Carlos, Denìlson, Dunga
(cap.), Mauro Silva (62' Flavio Conceição), Leonardo, Romario,
Coach: M. Zagalo.
Subs bench: Carlos Germano, Gonçalves,
Marcio Santos, Zé Maria, Zé Roberto, Cesar Sampaio, Giovanni,
Djalminha, Edmundo, Paulo Nunes.

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Nov 16, 2003
ya i remember this match, indeed del piero was fantastic, pure magic....... unfortunately i cant find the clips u want...


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Mar 9, 2004
was that the 3-3 game? I downloaded it on soulseek from a forum member here. i cant remember who tho.


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Jul 17, 2002
I have the highlights, but I don't have anywhere to upload it..

option 1:
Download soulseek

option 2:
I'll run my ftp server... see if that works...

i'll pm you the address and password.

let me know what you want..


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Jul 23, 2002
What about Italy England WC98 qualifying game. DP comes on at the as a late sub skills the crap out of some defender goes down the left and hangs up a cross for Vieri who heads onto the post. Mamma Mia!! England take it 1-0 I think, Ince the guvnor covered in blood. Italy beat Russia in the play off game then with a sweet Vieri strike, No 1 striker bobo.


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Jul 14, 2002
++ [ originally posted by MCPIERO ] ++
Stu I think he may have scored 3 but I can only remember those 2 goals. Romario and Ronaldo the ro-ro show was in effect:cool:
Yeah I'm pretty sure that Del Piero scored a hat-trick.


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Jul 25, 2007
delpierofan82 thanx! But has anybody full match? Or another match from this Tourneo with France? Del piero has scored in game with france too.


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Oct 18, 2005
le tournia? i rememebr watching this with interest, was a funy tournament and i remember three things came out of this

1. italy came last in this but delpie was great and showed everyone what he was capable of

2.roberto carlos scored a freak free kick and suddenly everyone thought he was a great player LOL

3.england WON this and suddenly thought that(as usual) they would just have to turn up to win it LOL

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