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Jun 9, 2003
Palermo tempt Tevez
Saturday 28 August, 2004

Newly promoted Palermo are planning to splash some more cash with an audacious bid for Argentine hitman Carlos Tevez.

The talented Boca Juniors striker hit the headlines this month with his eight goals – including the Final winner – that earned his country the Gold medal in the Olympics football event.

Previously linked with Milan and Juventus, 20-year-old Tevez is available for just £13.3m and a deal could be done before the transfer deadline.

Palermo President Maurizio Zamparini is eager to get in one more striker to partner Luca Toni and the pacey Tevez would suit his tactical requirements.

Zamparini had been in negotiations with Lecce’s Javier Ernesto Chevanton before his move to Monaco and Tevez is considered a more glamorous alternative.

Meanwhile, the Sicilians have officially signed Piacenza goalkeeper Matteo Guardalben on a three-year contract. He could make his debut in the mini-tournament against Sampdoria and Olympiakos on Sunday evening.

“The pre-season training went well and this side is ready to get out there,” commented Coach Francesco Guidolin. “Now we need to do some dress rehearsals before the start of the Serie A season, which means not many substitutions and forgetting these games are friendlies.”

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Sep 23, 2003
Cough up a little more, Palermo. Today Tevez could probably demand a nice, cool £20MM -- given his more recent heroics and that Boca doesn't need to sell him.


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Jul 30, 2003
thats why its interesting ..i want to see what he can do a palermo..can he singlehandedly raise Palermo ala Maradona with napoli.. him going to a big club now...well sooner or later he will lost the edge like Saviola did..


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Dec 16, 2002

Like you said, I would like to see what Tevez can do before he plays for massive club like us. But I do have to diagree that Napoli is a small club - He left Barca to join them.:eek::D. From my knowledge they are one of the most popular team in the Italian peninsular and have very dedicated and passionate fan-base. Horrendous management post Maradona era left them in shatters though. But I do think Palermo has potential to turn out to be new Napoli if they can stay in Serie A and consolidate. They are only big team from Scicilly which should give them great local support. They have a very ambitious management and board, though too enthusiastic and free spending for my liking, and this provide great platform to build a team. Beside, weatjer would be hot, and not so pressure cooker environment should fit perfectly for Tevez's development. And most importantly, Palermo is one of Moggi's cronies, and I am sure Moggi can lend them a helping hand.:D. Anyway, right now I dont think it is a best time to buy Tevez because his price will probably shrink a bit after a while. But if we leave it too late, he may become too expensive for us. The best solution IMO is that we help likes of Palermo buy his contract, and get half of it, and allow him to develop for a year or two.:)


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Apr 22, 2003
++ [ originally posted by Jun-hide ] ++
The best solution IMO is that we help likes of Palermo buy his contract, and get half of it, and allow him to develop for a year or two.:)

After all, it's what we're best at ;)

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