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Jan 24, 2004
Has someone already seen the new Nike ad? Thierry Henry is testimonial showing some tricks at his home? There are also shown other soccer stars (of ManU) which I don't know excactly cuz I haven't seen it yet.


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Jun 9, 2003
I saw it. It's about Henry playing around with a ball escaping from an imaginary Manyoo side (the players are all there, Scholes, RVN, Howard...) through the house and in the end he gets tackled by his dog.

If you ask me it just plain ol' sucks.


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Jun 9, 2003
The helicopter one with van Gaal wasnt bad either. Also, Pepsi has good commercials, I liked the one where that kid injures all of Real's players.


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Apr 24, 2003
Yeah Pepsi's ones were pretty funny. The one where a Juventus fan ask Becks for his shirt just to wipe his mouth with it

The Arif

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Jan 31, 2004
++ [ originally posted by Len ] ++
The Portugal v. Brazil ad was pretty good IMO....but there's a new one now? :eek:

yeah, that's great.

did you see ronaldinho trick? :eek:

but the best part is when referee tackles ronaldinho :LOL:
May 17, 2003
Yep, the Brazil vs Portugal one was simply great to watch again and again...So funny and Classy..hahah I like the Part when Totti comes from no where! Ronaldinho...Simply class moves....The referee made the best tackle i've ever seen!hahaha


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Dec 25, 2003
best clip is the adidas clip,the l;ast one when dp makes the of-motorcycl-e trick was kewl

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