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Aug 29, 2010
But isn't rabiot best position in front of the defence and the whole point of signing rabiot is that we have funds for another midfielder
We need to be realistic. The backstabbing moroccunt is gone, so we are left with Chiellini (almost 35) , Bonucci (32) and Rugani (error 404 : penis n balls not found)
- We require a centreback. Manolas

Midfield. We need players that resemble more the MVPP. Ramsey is one. Rabiot too. Rabiot, Pjanic, Ramsey would complement eachother excellent.
Ramsey comes on high wages and Rabiot wont be cheap on the wagebill either

- Ronaldo and Manbro are ageing. Soon we are without a true goalscorer. Icardi is a nice idea. Ronaldo can use him as a central reference and move around him. Berna/Costa complement the other side

Manolas, Rabiot, Ramsey, Icardi. Fairly sure we need to at least sell Dybala allready to manage that.

Cancelo - Bonucci - Manolas- Sandro



All our current issues fixed


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Sep 4, 2006
If we didn't sign Ronaldo I'd say this one is nailed on, 100%. As it is maybe it's 80%, if we get a chance to sign the better players from other bigger sides in the league we often do.

It would also certainly spell the end of Dybala, but a swap deal could come back to bite us in the ass, he shouldn't be part of any deal.

Don't like him or that Wanda creature at all as personalities.
rumors are that the club doesn't want to get rid of Dybala and it may cost them the deal still though Inter have very little room to negotiate. We are basically the only club that can buy Icardi within Italy.


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Dec 31, 2002
I just puked in my mouth...
This is ban worthy - Do you know that?!

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Pogba would be instead of Rabiot

ndombele too, but we arent signing him
1. Ok I`ll take that - Rabiot is good but Pogba shits on him when talking about talent and what he can do for us..
2. Says who?! Rabiot is a free transfer and with the new law his wage isnt problematic as well...
Pogba is a 100M guy - I find it difficult to see how one`s signing affects the other... (especially after introducing the new tax law which really helps with wages)

Ndombele or Pogba - One of them could arrive but will probably rule out the other
Rabiot - I see no reason why he should rule anyone given he is a free transfer...

P.S - Calciomercato say Wanda pushes for Icardi to stay at Inter and with Conte they might keep him (hope its true)
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