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Jan 24, 2007
You're forgetting the entire group stage from last year, buddy :D We finished that with a 5-0-1 record.
group stage wins don't count. losses do though cuz it's not supposed to happen

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Worst poster in Tuz history. Should’ve been streeted long ago.
that's not true i am by far the worst poster here. i am so disgusted by by posts that i would ban myself i was mod (right after i ban osman of course)


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Sep 22, 2020
Worst poster in Tuz history. Should’ve been streeted long ago.
Now go back to stuffing your throat again

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You have to give credit where it is due he is the most consistent tuz member more than half of his posts has the same two words "Street Allegri".
I am indeed very consistent. I watch us play, I see a stubborn coach and I point it out that he will be fired for being a fraud, no change of mind.
Months later, most of Tuz realises it too and admits their initial lack of judgement or goes into voluntary exile like PI, Dai, Ilbrutto and Stitch.
Now we are all threading water in disgust, while waiting for the ultimate shitcanning once more, before we can all move forward.
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Aug 31, 2015
Highly unlikely that we'd make a move, but i'd honestly take him back for one and a half season, at a massively reduced salary.

He is still one of the greatest players ever and never disrespected juventus, also not after leaving, unlike mister De Ligt.

ManU is just a shithole, nobody performs there
Oct 2, 2007
add add

but don't forget that Chelsea has won it with 10 man and Di Matteo as a coach against that prime Barcelona. ;)

I'm not shocked that you guys are in love with Allegri, you have common points. example; loser mentality.

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Dani Alves: "Juventus? They shouldn't have signed me. I had never played a long ball in my life, I couldn't learn at 33". [GdS]

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