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Mar 4, 2008
There was contact. Penalty.
the contact was not worth of the antics afterwards lying on the ground and acting as if he would die. i understand that this is all to get the ref to point to the spot but still lichtsteiner had no chance of reaching the chipped ball afterwards anyways and lichtsteiner was more hitting the keeper then the keeper hitting lichtsteiner.

i prefer if we actually fight and score a goal instead of giving more fuel to the retard media who will cry foul if we won because of such a goal.

I'm not sure it was an offside. It has somethiong to do with deliberating playing the ball, but I'm not sure.
no, it has nothing to do with deliberately playing the ball. last contact counts deliberate or not. the same the other way around. if you pass to an offside player and the ball hits an opponent first it's onside because the ball came from the opposition (deliberate or not)


Minimiliano Tristelli
Mar 6, 2003
seriously...whjat is happening to bonucci? im kinda worried now.

He looks like if he has hang over or something..... his movement is appaling to say the least
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