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Jun 16, 2020
He only played 122 minutes for the U23 last season. Should make him the main striker this season and then loan the next one.
I was thinking that he we perhaps should try a level higher (Serie B) if there isn’t room at the senior squad for him. The 5 matches rule really sucks in that regard. I think he grew a lot physically in the last ~12 to 15 months, maybe it has something to do with the lockdown.

Jun 16, 2020

2 goals in Vrioni’s unofficial debut

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Juve, c'è la firma di Muharemovic. Annuncio vicino
Manca solo l'ufficialità ma Tarik Muharemovic è un giocatore della Juventus. Il difensore centrale ha firmato nella giornata di ieri e presto si aggregherà al gruppo della formazione U23. I bianconeri, che da tempo seguivano il ragazzo, pagheranno l'indennità di formazione al Wolfsberger, con cui il diciottenne bosniaco aveva concluso il contratto lo scorso 30 giugno.
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May 5, 2004
How many players max that we can send on loan at 1 club for next season ?

I really hope we send some of our prolific youngsters who will not getting time at first team squad but too good for U23
We can use Parma as satellite club in Serie B. Given our best relationship with Buffon and Maresca

Maresca known for his great dealing with youngster (prove that he won with City youth team league)
I suggest players like Rafia, Correa, Hans Caviglia, Frabotta, maybe even Fagioli if he not really will get more than 10 games with us. So he can get full 30+ games under his belt
Jun 16, 2020
Albanese: in preseason many U23 at the Continassa, some have the chance to prove themselves in front of Allegri.

Rafia and Delli Carri are excepted to leave, probably a transfer. Correia is likely to leave on loan, same for Frabotta.

Ranocchia has a chance to stay after two good seasons in U23 and U19. For Dragusin and Fagioli remain the Sassuolo links, although Max seems to be a big fan of Fagioli.

Da Graca has a chance to prove himself, Soule, De Winter, Miretti, Cerri, Barbieri and Da Graca are currently having preseason with the senior squad.

So far our decisions have been on point. Seems that we keep the most talented guys close to the club.
Jun 16, 2020
Great start for Vrioni:

L'ex attaccante della Juventus Giacomo Vrioni non poteva immaginare inizio migliore. Un inizio incredibile con la maglia del WSG Tirol, che è andato a segno nel primo turno di Coppa Austria contro il Leobendorf. L'attaccante, in prestito dalla Juve, aveva già fatto quattro gol in due partite in amichevole.

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