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Jun 16, 2020
Finally had some time to see the match, Paratici and Claudio Chiellini were in the stands to see the game. I like that. Apparently Paratici visits a lot of U19/U23 games, I didn’t know that.

We eliminated 6 teams before winning the final, but the last official U23 game was 4 months ago.

I general a difficult match, a lot of small mistakes and we were bad in attacking. Defensively very good. We started defending from the 60th minute to grind out the win. Before we were superior in our passing games, but as said, you could see that they didn’t play for a while.

How has Fagioli been?
Had a good match. Technically he remains one of our most talented players, had almost a assist with his left foot, gave a great cross. It says a lot that he’s been going back and forward to U19 and U23 to play the most important matches in both teams.


Mar 6, 2007
I'm not sure if people realise but we have promotion play-offs to play once the first round play-offs are completed.

I expect that will be a leap too far for this team, but Pecchia will get his chance at it.

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