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May 3, 2012
Are we not appealing to Coni about points deduction?
I thought we don’t as a part of our unconditional surrender agreement aka plea bargain.

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we dunno for sure yet if we're gonna get banned or not.
Now chances are high we might be but you never know.
playing Conference would be worse than playing EL.

But it's all up to Roma. Even if we win...
The difference is kind of comparable to the difference between Burger King and Wendy’s.


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Aug 10, 2017
ofc not, its over as far as the Italian courts are concerned because Johnny E took it up the arse in exchange for a plea bargain, to me its irrelevent whether we may EL or conference league, UEFA gonna ban us for at least a year either way.
Last clubs banned by Uefa like man city got their ban overturned by court of arbitration for sports.
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