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Aug 10, 2005
Thanks guys for sharing all the videos! :tup:

Nedved break the leg of Figo. Unfortunaly was not to the leg of Zlatan.
Nedved should break Zlatan Head :D


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May 28, 2007
Look there was one incident, around the 41st min, where Alex was clipped by Chivu ; it was a penalty but the referee ignored it ; and the ball went straight to the other end to Cruz and the rest is history....

Can any1 gimme that clip ??? It isn't there in the 89 Mb HLs file whose link has been given, or for that matter in any other clip provided for download....

Thanx if any1 can help me and will give u a rep IF ne1 can get me that clip or a HL packet which contains that incident....

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