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Apr 3, 2003
i would give MY EVERYTHING to be a part of this AMAZING crowd....

imagine being sorrounded by sooooo many ppl....and KNOW they ALL support juventus...

to be able to yell with all the power of your throat with them...
celebrate the goals,support the guys....

i think it's an icredible feeling!


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Jul 27, 2002
and hopefully more people will come to the matches...

i had an argument with a roma-fan when i was in rome (he said juve stole half of the scudetti they have won)...
we talked about which club is better and which club has the better fans.... and he was right saying that juve have many fans, even more than roma, milan and the other big teams, but they're spread all over italia..
this is cool, but there are only few turin based fans.. if u look at rome, everybody in the city is either roma or lazio fan.... it's amazing (although roma su*ks)
there's often a great atmosphere at the olimpico, but the delle alpi is hardly ever sold out (last time against real)

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