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Aug 1, 2003
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    this is all I know about the soccerschool thing:

    ++ [ originally posted by sallyinzaghi ] ++

    During the coaches' tour, the training staff will help to develop a system of football academies in Asia to promote football.

    Polo added that Juventus merchandising will push forward with soccer education in the form of a Juventus University, academies and summer camps.

    "The Juventus university will open in June and it will train coaches to play the Juve way. Before summer camps can start, the coaches must be trained the Juve way so that 10-12 year olds will learn discipline, technical and tactical methods, and the history of the club.

    Academies will open in September and kids will participate twice a week to train to be future pros. Sixty academies will open all over Italy that will be coached by Juventus-trained staff. The academies will be extended to Canada then to Asia.

    During summer there will be camps for kids to play football for fun and learn more about the game. THe first to be run by Nike and Juventus will start in mid-June in the mountains near Turin. In the summer of 2005, these camps will be extended to Asia and other parts of Italy."


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    Aug 6, 2003

    This is a way for Juve to market themselves to more kids. It was in the financial report that was posted as a Acrobat file.


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    Feb 13, 2004
    I agree.... we can have the best youth in Italy...
    AS for Juve coming to Asia, I hope that Asian football sides can take advantage and develop into a great side. :D


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    Mar 10, 2004
    This is great thing, I hope if they could come into my country.

    One FC in Sarajevo called Bubamara is together with Inter doing some championships for young players.

    But i would like that Juve comes to my country.

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