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May 6, 2012
Has anyone got a decent sized pic of the zebra in the Juventus logo as it is on the Juventuz homepage. I have zoomed in to take a screenshot but it just blurrs on me. I need it for a small tattoo i'm getting. Thanks.
That's a bull, not a zebra. Don't be a dumbass and get a tattoo of an animal you weren't even able to recognize.


Mar 6, 2007
I think that version you uploaded is from the 3D version of the logo. See the difference:

The club seems to use both logos on their website so it's really up to you. I do prefer the latter one, as it looks more like the original one from the old logos, and also the Torino COA.


Mar 30, 2003
Yeah i will go with that one. Its only a small gap filler to finish off a sleeve i jave on my arm. I dont normally like football related tattoos but this shouldnt look tacky.

Thanks for the help.

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