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Jun 1, 2012
You still gotta sustain it though, doesn't matter if he's born with a silver spoon. Look at Lapo for example.

EXOR is a hugely profitable organization under his leadership. The guy took this responsibility at a very young age as a result of family tragedies in the Agnelli family household and he's basically now the face of the entire Agnelli empire.

Ofcourse Marchionne as mentioned also was one of the key people in Fiat's revival.
Mar 30, 2006

This dude Sergio Marchionne brought FIAT back from big SHHITTTT. He saved this company. Umberto Agnelli was who brought Sergio Marchionne to FIAT in 2003.
The start of a colossal & miraculous recovery. Forza Marchionne.

Of course Juve fan.
He is a great man and a real inspiration. He saved FIAT at helped propel them to great things. I really hope he recovers and that he and his family are ok. I have admired him since I saw the 60 minutes documentary on him. This is a disaster for FIAT and Exor but hopefully they can navigate it and continue to build on Sergio's legacy as CEO



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Sep 7, 2010
There was an article from Calcio Mercato a few days ago that this Marchionne guy was basically anti supporting juve, he was already furious with higuain purchase, and the article implied if he was still in charge no way we got cr7.


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Jun 1, 2012
Maybe you're reading Tancredi's articles

Sergio Marchionne's involvement came after Fabio Paratici & Beppe Marotta offered the idea (of CR7 to Juve) to Andrea Agnelli, who immediately contacted John Elkann. Marchionne attended several meetings which studied the financial feasibility of the transfer & approved it. Sergio M #TS

TS headline : Grazie Sergio Marchionne: the EXOR vice-Chairman endorsed & approved Cristiano Ronaldo's transfer to Juventus. #Tuttosport

Feb 12, 2006


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Jan 5, 2006
Louis Camilleri, a chairman at Ferrari sponsor Philip Morris, is the new Ferrari CEO

Didn't you guys say that Elkann would be their new CEO?


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Nov 9, 2005
He was also our board member right? I cant find his name in the list. I guess it was removed. Im sure i saw some photo with boardmembers in the past with him included.

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