Italy vs Netherlands EURO 2000 (1 Viewer)


The Guv'nor
Jun 12, 2005
Guys i'll be thankful if u can help me find a good link (better HD) to download this game.. this one is for sure one of the greatest souvenirs supporting the Azzuri men :touched:
If my memory serves me right. Wasn't that game remembered for the Dutch forgetting their shooting boots, two missed penalties, and Totti's chipped pen. Oh and a sea of Orange.


Rab's Husband - The Regista
Aug 27, 2008
Italy also were a man down for majority of the game and barely had double digit possession. It was a great game :D


The Bookie Queen
Jun 5, 2010
This one with the cl final of 2003 and world cup final of 2010 the most horrible games I ever saw, cried after all of this games :cry:

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