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Jul 14, 2002
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do you believe there's really such a thing to an extent? it's being in my mind for quite a while

Christopher Reeves (old superman) now does alot of charity work and stuff. But Does he do it because he cares or does he do this because he wants FAME or people to think good of him?

Do humans do good so that others give them praise/compliment them? or do we do it out of compasion and good heartedness?

Im not talking about helping somebody(or another living thing) like lending a buck to somebody or sth..but when it comes to big things. Like donating a million to a charity and stuff. Those kinda stuff. Especially when people do it in front of everyone

whats your opinion? is there such a thing?
About Christopher Reeves - I'm not sure. He makes alot of charity now, but I'm not sure, if he was doing the same earlier, before his accident. So first I would have to find out, to say sth about him.

People do charity for different reasons, I bet some of them make it only to get attention of other people, like show off: hey look how great I am.
But as long as they give money, I dont care about their reasons, cause someone just got help, and this is the most important.

But many people just the others, just like that. If they have more money, they feel like sharing them with the others, absolutely selfless.

And of course that when you help sincerely, it's much "nicer" but the final result is the most important: money for helping people.
So the question is: is it better, that some people give money to gain fame and stuff, or better if they didnt give money at all?

I participate in two foundations (once a year more money for one, and regularly less amount of money fo another) - not much money, cause I'm not some rich person and I was a volunteer for 8 years.
And if you ask me if I feel better, I think that I dont.
I feel that helping people is my inner need, personal duty, just part of things I do in my life.

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Jul 14, 2002
++ [ originally posted by Kaliman ] ++
aha tricky one.

I "got" this kid in Burkina Faso. This little girl and her family receives money from me each month. Now they've got food and clothing.
That's the good help :)

I could just be happy with what I got and don't give a shit about anyone else, but that just don't work for me. So basicly a big part of this charity-thing I'm doing, is infact about me... man we humans are some weird-ass mofo's.
Well said Anders, specially part in bold :)

But ... what is mofo?

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