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Apr 5, 2004
dont anybody think that they will go on to produce the Hobit now ....would be a great movei ....its my favourite book out of the four and i was really angry they never did it as part of the movie


Sep 23, 2003
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Two months late but I loved FOTR, by far the best of the three IMO!
I don't know. I thought the third movie could have lost its last hour -- and would have been better for it. Sheesh -- 45 minutes of crying, hugging hobbits. :yuck: ("...And you were in my dream too, Scarecrow!!") I couldn't help but feel that the director was trying to manipulate me emotionally with characters to whom I had zero emotional attachment.

Some great effects, and otherwise entertaining. But I must say, I like the second better.


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Apr 22, 2003
You're right swag, that last bit was just gay.... literally.

What's with having all the Hobbits in bed? I fell asleep

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