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Jul 12, 2002
Most entertaining team --Roma
Best team ---Roma
Biggest and nicest surprise-------Parma
Worst team -------Ancona
Least entertaining team------Bologna
Biggest underachievers---------Inter
Most disappointing team---------Lazio
Best player --preinjury Adriano, then Totti
Best Defence --------(useless movie:D)Milan
Best attack ---------Juventus and Roma
Best buy--------Kaka
Best addition to squad-----Chivu and Mancini
Worst decision by a club --------Davids to Barcelona
Weirdest decision by a manager----Cl match , must win situation and Mancini plays Gottardi who had not played a single minute of the season and places leading goal scorer Inzaghi on the bench
Best striker---------Sheva
Best defender--------Chivu and Nesta
Best game --------Sparta prague vs Lazio
Best keeper-----Dida and Pellizoli
The Pavon award for most error prone defender -----Leggrotaglie
Most impressive player anywhere -----Henry and Ronaldo
Best overall goalkeeper-----Cassilas and Roma of Monaco
Keepers who cannot match last season's amazing performances---Buffon, Toldo, Friedel, Cudicini
Most disappointing performance of the season personally----Juve1 Inter 3
Most amazing scoreline------Monaco8- Depor3
Unsung heroes of half term------Costacurta, Dacourt, Lima, Zanetti J,

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Dec 27, 2003
I don't have much to add either. Happy to notice you consider Kakà as the best buy.

I have heard that this Roma guy is doing very well with Monaco. What age is he exactly? I believe he is still quite young, right?


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Nov 1, 2003
i think most disappointing team is inter :p coz not reaching the CL 2nd round :fero: and 11points behind roma.
on paper they can beat any1....on paper @least ;) *but still they beat us in our own backyard :wallbang:*

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