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Jul 26, 2002
I and some of my friends plan to translate the splendid Juventus history into Chinese.

There are lots of Juve fans in China and they all love Juve so much that they'd like to know all things about this club. There are also some soccer fans not interested in Juve (mainly because of the stupid Chinese media. they show more interests on the two Milan teams as their sources are mainly from Gazzetta dello Sport). I hope what my friends are going to do could help those fans to understand our Juve more and better.

Right now, they are mainly focused on the players, you know, the good players in our history. But they do have problems on collecting sources. Firstly, they are doing this for fun, not for business. So they can't afford buying materials from anywhere, that means their main sources would be coming from internet.

Secondly, it's easy to find enough sources for great players and compile them together to write a detailed and vivid player introduction in Chinese. But, for other players, it's very difficult to do the same thing. I mean, those players who might be famous in Italy but not famous at all in other countries. It's almost impossible even to find a brief introduction in English for such kind of players, considering when the internet came to this world. We did find all stats about those players, their achievements, their active years, but as we know, these are not enough to draw a picture of a player. But it's really difficult to search websites in other languages (mainly in Italian) since we know little of Italian. And actually my friends did some searching and found some Italian websites about one or two players, but it was so time-consuming.

So, my question is, do you guys know any good websites(in any language) on players in Juve's history? They give not only the stats about a player but also more detailed introduction about him, like his playing style, his interesting stories, and so on. Any information is highly appreciated.

Thank you for helping, my friends.

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Apr 22, 2003
ehehe good work :)

The furthest I've ever ventured from the original was


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Feb 13, 2004

I am not sure about the address, but its a great site for history of the club and supporters... :D

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